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Did you know that on average it can take you between 200 – 300 hours of planning for your wedding day?

It is not surprising to know when you think about what is involved, from searching for that perfect Essex wedding venue, booking a florists, organising a wedding videographer, and even those things that you may not think about at first, including matching chair covers, place cards, seating arrangements, and all manner of little things relating to your special day.

Are you planning on getting married next year? Then take a deep breath, and relax. We are here to help you organise your perfect wedding day!

Before you start…organise your troops

From the very moment you start to draw up your wedding list, know that you will need help. Many hands make light work, or so the saying goes, so why not make good use of a few of your close family and friends to share the preparations. This will actually make some of your tasks far more pleasurable and fun, and because everyone loves a wedding – you will no-end of willing and enthusiastic volunteers wanting to jump onboard.

Choose your willing volunteers based on their natural strengths, so if you have a close friend who is great at haggling down a bargain price, put them to work to save you some money where prices are negotiable.

Choose your wedding venue well

You will need to book your wedding venue first, and at least a year in advance to give yourself a chance of securing the wedding dates of your choice. Choosing the right style of setting for your wedding is also very important, so begin by making a list of styles open to you, then discuss between you what each of you prefer.

Will it be contemporary or historic? Relaxed or formal? Town or countryside? By the sea or a lake? Spring, summer, autumn or winter? Indoors or outdoors? Small and intimate or one massive celebration?

Finding answers to these questions will help you narrow down your search for your perfect wedding venue that will fit with your desires, and will add to the feel and general aesthetics of your big day. Answering these questions will also help you to choose your other wedding elements too, such as your style of wedding dress, the choice of flowers, and even your food and drink options too in most cases.

Ideally you will want to visit your chosen wedding venue to have a good look around and meet the staff. It would be better to do this at roughly the same time of year or in the same season that you plan to marry. This way you will get a true picture for how the venue will look and feel when it comes time for your nuptials.

It is handy to have a shortlist of at least two or three potential venues, so that when you visit each of them you can compare and contrast the settings. It is advisable to go with your gut feeling about a place, because what can look perfect on paper can feel very different once you make a visit.

See our guide to some of our favourite Essex wedding venues here. Prepare for your wedding well…

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