Are you Prepared for a Wet Weather Wedding Day?

A little rain on your wedding day should be nothing to get you down, but what if you awake on your wedding morning to forecasts for thunder storms and blustery weather? Make sure you plan ahead so you can be prepared to tackle the prospect of wet weather on your wedding day.

It has to be one of the brides biggest wishes not to have rain on her wedding day, but as we cannot yet control the weather, our wedding day can be left to the devices of Mother Nature. However, there are a few things we can do to weatherproof our big day. Lets take a look at some suggestions that you can think about using on your big day.

Have a brolly good time

If it is certain that there will be rain on your wedding day, embrace the weather and make it an important element of your day! Stock up of a number of brightly coloured umbrellas, ask your guests to bring their Wellington boots along and have some fun in the rain.

The skies may be grey and overcast, but your wedding photographs or wedding video need not reflect this. Get shots of people having fun with bright umbrellas and boots jumping in puddles and dancing in the rain. Use the brollies as props for fun photographs and as a colourful background to group shots of grinning guests.

Provide some shelter

Whether it is raining or not, it is always nice to give your guests some form of shelter, even when you are planning an outdoor summer wedding. While you could plan for an outdoor drinks reception in the sun, having your food served in the safety of a marquee or pavilion is a wise move. If it isn’t going to be too windy, a large gazebo with some seating can offer some shelter from the showers. People can always move freely from outside to shelter when needed and you can still have the open outdoors feel that you desire.

Waterproof your make-up

Remember that your wedding photographer or videographer is going to be there to capture every scene of your big day. This means that you will need to be camera-ready at all times. The last thing you want to see in years to come is picture after picture of your grinning face streaked with running mascara or your beautiful white dress smudged with patches of fake tan!

If you want to have a healthy glow for your wedding day, opt for a spray tan a good few days before your wedding. Choose waterproof mascara and lipstick and try your hardest not to touch or rub your face. This can be difficult when you are trying to dab raindrops from your eyes, so keep a small compact mirror close by so you can check often and re-apply fresh make-up when needed.

Weatherproof your photographer

If you are hiring a professional photographer or videographer for your wedding, then they will be aware of the changing weather conditions and will come prepared for anything. Check that they have a wet weather plan ready for the day should the skies turn grey. They usually bring different lenses and equipment made for low-light settings so they should be able to reassure you about this before the wedding.