Choose The Wedding Videography Style That Will Suit You

As you make plans and preparations for your upcoming wedding, you will have an idea in your head about how you want your big day to look and feel. Ideally you should be looking for a wedding videographer who can not only capture all those special moments, such as your wedding vows being exchanged, but who will also perfectly capture the mood, emotions and feelings of your big day.

The last thing you want to happen is for your videographer to have a very different idea of what you want to portray in your finished wedding film. You only get one chance to capture your dream day. There are no do-overs where weddings are concerned, so you will want to make sure that your wedding videographer knows exactly what you need, from filming the venue to capture shots of the beautiful gardens and sweeping driveway, to the choice of background music to overlay your film with when it comes to the film editing process.

If you want light piano music playing that builds up to a crescendo, then let your videographer know your choices. If you don’t mention your preferences, your film may turn out to have a very different overall feeling to the one you wanted portrayed.

Consider your budget

Having a tight budget does not prevent you from hiring the services of a professional videographer. An experienced wedding videographer will be able to produce some exceptional work, even if your budget dictates that you cannot hire them for the whole wedding day as well as for the evening reception. A good videographer will be able to capture enough background shots as well as the all important elements of your marriage ceremony to give you a very polished wedding film. This is why it is always the better option to hire a professional for a shorter time period during your big day rather than go for a much cheaper option that can stay longer, but may be much less skilled and could produce something of very poor quality as a result.

Wedding Videography Styles

Different people have very different personal styles and personalities. You will want to give your wedding film a personal touch and add your own particular recognisable style, so always make sure you don’t let your videographer dictate the style of your wedding film or how it should be produced. Remember that your chosen videographer is there to give you the look and style you want. They are not there to create their own mini masterpiece or to ride roughshod over your ideas. If you feel like your videographer isn’t listening to your needs, then it’s time to look elsewhere.

There are many videography styles you could choose to go with. It is up to you which one best suits your needs. Lets take a look at a few suggestions:

Traditional style

This style really needs minimal editing and has lots of natural qualities. The main intention for this style is to provide you with a more personal feel where events are captured as they happen. A good choice if you want to get all your loved ones on film passing on their personal wishes and messages.

Cinematic style

This style is becoming more popular each year. It has a very highly produced, silver screen movie feeling to it and will include dramatic sound effects and background music to make you look and feel like a move star on your wedding film.

Journalistic or documentary style

The most popular choice of wedding film style currently, this option is filmed just like a TV documentary where every moment is captured from preparation to finish. No direction is provided, so the camera captures events in the making. The film may include the story of how you met as well as personal interviews with family members and friends throughout to help build your story that eventually leads to the conclusion of you exchanging your vows. For more info click here.