Don’t let Unexpected Wedding Costs Catch you out

It can be hard work to sit down and factor in every expense you will face when working out your wedding budget. Some expenses are obvious of course – your bridal gown, the grooms wedding suit, car hire, wedding venue booking, reception hire, wedding rings, honeymoon etc. However, beyond the obvious ingredients that make up your wedding day, you will also have lots of other expenses that you may not immediately think about. Lets look at some things that are quite easy to forget about when working out your budget for your big day.

Accommodation with elbow room

Many couples to be are choosing to get wed abroad. While you may want to hire accommodation for the wedding that you will continue to use afterwards, choosing a small and intimate boutique hotel may seem appealing, but do you have enough space for all of your wedding preparations?

A large room will be needed if you are to successfully fit in everything you need. Think about hiring a room with enough elbow room to accommodate your hairdressers, make up artists, bridesmaids and your wedding dress – especially if you want to keep it clean and wrinkle-free. While it is useful to have a large room for your pre-wedding preparations, this will bump up your budget.

You could try to negotiate a good deal with the hotel so that you get the use of a larger room for your pre-wedding preparations on the night before the day of your wedding and then move to a more intimate room for you and your new partner for your wedding night onwards.

Extra wedding food

When planning your catering needs for your big day, it can be great fun looking through menu’s and choosing what delicious meals you are going to have served at your reception. However, despite what you plan to spend on your reception catering, you should also set aside some money for any extra catering you may need on your big day.

What about your wedding breakfast? Have you thought about supplying healthy snacks for your hungry bridesmaids? It is going to be a long day after all, so even though your belly may be full of butterflies and eating is the last thing on your mind, don’t forget that others will need feeding to keep their energy up. What about lunch for your photographer or videographer? They are going to be with you all day after all, so they will need to be fed.

Professional hair and beauty treatments

OK so you know you will want to look and feel your best on your big day so are prepared to pay a little extra for your perfect make-up and intricate hair-style.  But many brides to be forget to factor in the extra expense of your trial runs. You cannot expect your hairdresser and make-up artist to turn up and get it right the first time on the morning of your wedding. First of all, what if you don’t like what they have done? Will you be happy to go through your big day with hair and make-up that you don’t like?

You may need to do at least 2 or 3 trail runs to find your perfect wedding look. You will also want to have a hair-style that is going to last a very long time. Your stylist will want to look at your hair-type to work out what products to use and what styles will suit your face shape and wedding gown. They will also need to know what jewellery you will be wearing so they can plan to give you a style that shows off your earrings or tiara, to accommodate a veil, hat or flowers to wear in your hair.

When it comes to budgeting for your wedding, it is always better to overestimate prices if you want to make sure you can afford everything you desire for your big day.