Four Good Reasons to Hire a Videographer

We have yet to meet anyone who has regretted hiring a professional videographer to record their special event. The customers love the fact that they can re-live taking their wedding vows, listening to their wedding speeches, capturing the emotions on the faces of their loved ones at special family celebrations. The list is endless, but all memories are cherished and treasured.

While you may believe that there is no substitution for having a photographer present at your special event, by also having a videographer present, you will add a whole different dimension to your captured memories of that very special day.

1: Photographs cannot talk

Yes, photographs can be stunning and are a wonderful way to help bring back warm memories of your special day, but a still, two-dimensional picture has no movement or sound. You cannot hear the words being uttered from the lips of your partner as they speak their wedding vows. You cannot hear the wedding speech being given by your father in his soft, lilting Scottish accent complete with his rolling Rs. You cannot hear that sweet childish giggle that your young niece gives you as she blows you a kiss.

2: You can re-live your most precious moments

Memories do fade, but being able to watch back your treasured wedding video can bring them all flooding back in full glorious colour and breathtaking sound. Videographers are really skilled at creating something truly magical from the footage that they shoot on your special day. They can cleverly cut and edit moments together is a smooth and flowing way that holds your attention and can take your breath away. You cannot get the same effect from shuffling through still photographs. Minds can wander, eyes can get distracted, people can get bored of seeing the 5th shot of the wedding party perfectly posed on the lawn. Video can capture those secret looks, those shy smiles and flushed cheeks that photographs just cannot get. Watching our most touching moments on film can make us feel good about ourselves and about others.

3: Video captures moments a camera cannot

Having a wedding film is very different from your collection of wedding photographs. With a film you are able to capture different things that still photographs miss. A film can explore the wedding venue and focus on special features that are often overlooked by a photographer, such as the sprays of beautiful wedding flowers, the minute decorations and floral displays placed on the banqueting tables at your reception, the gardens and grounds moving in the warm breeze while birds sing in the trees.

4: Capture the build-up

With traditional wedding photography, the photographer usually focuses on taking shots of the assembled wedding party, staged shots of the bridesmaids and grooms, the two families being joined together etc. It isn’t often that the photographer is invited to the wedding preparations. This is  a whole missed opportunity! Wedding videographers can be there with you to witness the pre-wedding excitement and anticipation of the day ahead. They can capture the best man and grooms-men getting ready to support the groom, sharing a few jokes and raising a toast to the groom with a little nip of whisky before the ceremony. For more info visit our website.