Gaynes Park, Epping

Gaynes Park, Epping, for your Perfect Wedding Venue

When you are planning your wedding and are looking for a perfect wedding venue that can offer you a stunning outdoor space to hold your summer wedding, you can often be faced with a difficult choice. Sometimes it can be really hard to find a venue that has the right balance of space and beauty, yet be situated close enough to London to be easy and convenient for your wedding guests to attend.

Summer weddings are all about attractive, alfresco settings with beautiful backdrops of immaculate gardens, lakes and a stately country manor to make a perfectly picturesque scene. These can be quite difficult boxes to tick unless you are prepared to travel out into the depths of the English countryside to discover. Finding such a setting close to London may seem like an impossible dream.

Well maybe not because Gaynes Park in Epping could be your perfect solution here!

Why choose Gaynes Park?

For the right mix of an English countryside retreat combined with the convenience of being close to London, Gaynes Park could very well be the perfect setting for the wedding of your dreams. Not only are the house and grounds charmingly rustic, there is a positive air or romance about the place that you instantly feel and can breathe in upon arrival.

With one thousand acres of beautiful rolling countryside nestled into this unique place, there is an immediate sense of peace and tranquillity as you travel along the drive and gaze at the sheep milling round and nibbling on the grass. Depending on if you are holding your wedding in early or late summer, there is an abundance of colourful seasonal flowers that really help to set the scene for your perfect alfresco wedding.

There is plenty of space available to organise your wedding transportation, so whether you are hiring a classic limousine, a traditional horse and carriage, or using your own cars, your wedding guests will be bowled over by the beauty of this place and their mode of transport fully catered for. The anticipation and build-up to your wedding can make some wonderful memories, and the surroundings and atmosphere of Gaynes Park will really leave your guests with some superb memories.

Your choice of ceremony

As a licensed wedding venue, Gaynes Park features both church and civil ceremonies, so you can choose which ceremony is right for you.  The Park boasts a number of options for your ceremony, including the Gather Barn, which is a rustic outdoor open sided barn where you can enjoy the gorgeous views of the surrounding parkland throughout your ceremony.  You could then choose to hold your wedding reception in the very pretty and well-maintained walled garden. Although, as with most popular wedding venues, it would be wise to book well in advance to ensure you can secure the park for your chosen wedding date.

Being a very experienced wedding venue, Gaynes Park offer the wedding couple every assistance with the planning of your wedding, from your choice of wedding music to the type of food you want to provide. The Park also offer couples-to-be the use of their facilities for stag and hen parties, wedding receptions, and even rehearsal dinners.