Things To Think About When Booking A Hen-Night

A hen night, or hen party, is one of those events that you may have thought about a lot over the years, and your ideas and visions for it may have changed dramatically during that time too!

No matter what theme or setting you end up choosing, in the end you hen night is much more likely to be a personal and intimate experience for you and your closest girlfriends. Have the waterproof mascara at the ready, because there is bound to be tears at some point, and you don’t want your photographs ruined by tear-stained streaky faces, now do you?

Yes, your hen night should be fun, but it should also be stress-free. Make sure you plan well to make the event go as smoothly as possible, without it causing you any undue stress or unwanted pressure. Whether the hen night is going to be organised by the bride-to-be or the matron of honour, bear these tips in mind to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible:


By far the easiest thing to do these days when planning a hen-party is to set up a Facebook page or a blog page for it. This way you will make it easy for everyone to check up on the finer details of the event, and it will save you a small fortune and a lot of time in phone calls or text messages.

Chances are if you are the maid of honour, and you are planning the hen party, then you may not know every single person that will be coming very well. You will end up having to make a lot of arrangements for people, and not everyone will have your number.

Having a Facebook page or blog will let everyone see at a glance the plan of action, and you can also list each others phone numbers on there so everyone will have at least one emergency number to call in the event that they should get lost, or become separated from the main party. It is also a great way to build excitement, discuss ideas and break the ice with each other before the night or weekend away.

What does the Hen Want?

A hen party should be a once-in-a-lifetime event, so what the hen wants – the hen gets! By delivering exactly what the bride-to-be wants for her last night of freedom, she will be forever grateful and will be sure to return the favour when it comes to being your turn. Remember though, this is ‘her night’, so although you may enjoy the thought of sharing a stretch limo full of your girlfriends, while a semi-naked male stripper entertains you all with his pelvic thrusts to the tune of ‘I’m too sexy’, the bride-to-be may find this a horrifying scenario.

Hen parties have really evolved over the years, so for many brides-to-be the idea of a hedonistic night out dressed in L-plates and purple cowboy hats is quite literally ‘old-hat’. Instead of an alcohol-fueled blast around town, she may prefer something a little more sedate in the form of a luxury spa-weekend spent enjoying relaxing body treatments with fine food and good company.

If she is a bit on the sporty side, then why not a wet and wild weekend away by the coast enjoying a bit of windsurfing or coasteering. There are hen party adventure weekend packages that include lots of activities such as archery, abseiling, quad-biking, rock-climbing or pony trekking.

Is she a culture-vulture? Maybe your hen would prefer a night of live theatre followed by some fine dining and quality wine. A weekend city break can include visits to art galleries and museums, or take in some live music concerts while exploring new parts of the country never visited before.

Budget-friendly hen night ideas

Maybe you are looking for some fun on a limited budget? Many brides-to-be are happy put more funds towards a fantastic honeymoon somewhere exotic rather than splash the cash on their hen-party-related activities.

You also have to consider that not every member of the hen party will be able to afford to spend a lot of money, so to keep stresses down to a bare minimum, be mindful not to let your planning get out of hand. Before you start, it may be wise to ask around the other members of the hen party to see what sort of money they would be comfortable spending. Work out a budget – and stick to it!

If you are planning to stay overnight in a hotel, do you really want to blow your budget of a posh place to rest your head if you are not going to truly appreciate it? If you are going out for the evening and only want a place to crash when exhausted at the end of a long night of partying, then a more budget-friendly hotel will suffice. Keep more of your money for your evening entertainment rather than the hotel.

When going away is a little out of pocket, then a night out in your local town will save on transport costs, and you have the option of either going home at the end of the night, or staying over in one of the hen party members homes, if they have the room to accommodate you all!

Sometimes a simple girls-night-in will be enough. You can organise some simple home pamper treatments, give each other manicures, or simply mix up a batch of cocktails and tell stories about how you all first met the bride-to-be. Sometimes the most simple of ideas can be the most memorable.

The Morning After the Night Before

In the cold light of morning, the day after your hen party can leave you all feeling a little fragile. This is a great time to have something planned that doesn’t leave everyone feeling at a loose end, and can keep the magic going for a little while longer.

Plan for a big breakfast for your party members. You can either book this in advance at a local restaurant that are open for breakfast, or you can stay in the comfort of your own home and have plenty of breakfast foods – and strong coffee with painkillers – stocked up ready.

While you are enjoying your breakfast together, you can suspire your friends by handing out fun or cheeky awards for ‘best dancer of the night’, or ‘best hen outfit’, or even ‘worst singer’ and ‘best bad-taste joke’ – something that will bring a smile to everyone’s faces and will round off the event nicely.