Are Wedding Videography Services Expensive?

As couples sit down to plan their wedding they will be wanting to work out their wedding budget and stick to it as close as is possible. However, when it comes to allocating a portion of their budget to cover a wedding videographer, this is where most couples can feel a little bit in the dark.

Instead of setting a budget for your wedding film it would be better to ask yourself how much your wedding film is worth to you?

As a wedding videography service with many years of experience under our collective belt, White Dress Films are very fair when it comes to the cost of our specialist services. We don’t have a ‘one-price-fits-all’ approach to your wedding film because we understand that every wedding we film is utterly unique.

Flexible pricing structure

Because each wedding we shoot is so different from the next, our prices reflect just that. We tailor our costs to suit the needs of each individual wedding depending on a lot of factors, such as the time of year, location and any particular style of filming or production you need.

White Dress Films make a point of only opening up our services to a limited number of weddings per year. We do this to give us enough time to get to know you as a couple and to make sure that we have enough time to dedicate to every aspect of the recording and editing of your wedding film.

According to the 2019 wedding report from Bridebook, the average cost of a professional wedding video across the whole of the UK was £1,140. However, this does vary according to the region and time of year.

While your cousin Dave may ‘know a guy’ that can film your wedding for £200, we really wouldn’t recommend it! Think about it. Your wedding is a once in a lifetime live event. If you choose someone wrong, you will only get one chance at getting it right.

No two videographers are the same

Not every videographer is the same. What makes us at White Dress Films different is that we have the experience and flexibility to work with you to produce the most perfect wedding film that you will treasure forever.

While every couple-to-be are concerned about their wedding budget, some of the cheaper videographers available may not invest well in their back up technology and data storage. This means that will keep their costs low by recording your wedding onto a single memory card.

In some cases they will not have any backup camera so if anything goes wrong with their equipment on the day, there is no fall-back for you and your precious memories will be lost forever.

Our team at White Dress Films know exactly how much it costs for us to craft you one of our beautiful wedding films. When we see someone else charging a bargain-basement price for their services, we are often left cringing at the thought of what they are sacrificing to work for that price.

Don’t gamble with your precious memories

When it comes to choosing a wedding videography service provider to work with, it is not worth gambling with your money, or your memories. White Dress Films are not willing to take a chance when it comes to capturing your most precious memories of your day.

Take a look at our blog to see the high quality of our wedding films for yourself. Don’t be afraid to drop us a line to say hello! We would love to hear from you and are happy to answer your questions.