City Weddings with White Dress Films

Choosing between holding your wedding in a city or out in the depth of the countryside can be a difficult choice. There are obvious advantages to both, and each one can be very special and unique.

There are a lot of decisions for a couple to make. Should they stay local to where they live? Should they choose a place that is significant to them, such as where they met? Or should they choose the place that they both grew up to tie the knot?

Sometimes it can be much simpler and a lot less pressure to choose a city wedding for lots of reasons. Believe it or not, cities have many beautiful places and hidden gems that are hard to turn down. In fact, it can often be easier to find a wedding venue that reflects your styles and personalities in the city which can give you a lot of convenience and take the pressure off your shoulders to create your perfect day.

Affordability is an important element with a city wedding. Your city-based wedding will usually guarantee excellent transport links and accommodation for your family and friends. Plus plenty of easily accessible public transport to get home after the wedding for those returning home after your wedding.

You can trust our team at White Dress Films to capture some amazing wedding shots in and around your chosen city wedding location, so for those more edgy couples that prefer an urban setting for their wedding, we can produce you a wedding film that is cool and cutting-edge.