A Brides Beauty Checklist : Preparing in Advance of your Wedding Day

Probably the biggest thing on the mind of a bride-to-be will be her wedding dress. Why shouldn’t it be? After all, all eyes will be on her and her wedding gown as she elegantly glides down the isle on her big day.

However, being the centre of attention on your wedding day and wanting to look your best from head to toe does take some effort and planning. While your main focus may be centred on your dress, make sure you plan your hair and beauty regime well in advance of your wedding day.

Here we have put together a very handy beauty checklist for you to follow to ensure that you don’t miss a thing.

Six months before the big day

Schedule a visit a dermatologist. If you are worried about any skin issues you may have such as adult acne or dermatitis, then anything you can do to ease your symptoms will be good. Some skin treatments can take some time to take effect or show really positive results, so the earlier you can start them, the better.

Have your eyebrows feathered

Feathering is a semi-permanent cosmetic treatment that can help to define and shape your eyebrows. Whether you tend to over-pluck your eyebrows, they are thin or not even, or you lack that perfect arch shape that will look stunning on your wedding photographs, having your eyebrows feathered will give you the look you desire. When you have them done for the first time, the effects can be quite bold and striking, but the effects will quickly settle down. Brow therapists are very skilled and are the best people to turn to early on to help define your brows and balance them out for you.

Eat well for glowing skin, hair and nails

A lot of  brides to be try to go on some sort of drastic crash diet in the months leading up to their wedding. Quite often they can end up feeling awful and the effects of not eating right can be seen with dry and sallow skin, weak nails and dull hair. Ditch the fad crash diet and concentrate on feeding your skin, hair and nails so they will be healthy for your wedding day. Eat plenty of protein meals as protein is the building blocks of life. Steer clear of sugary foods that are high in carbs, such as cakes, biscuits, bread, pasta, breakfast cereals and other processed foods. Instead stick to eggs, fresh meat, poultry and fish to give you the protein and natural fats that you need to repair and grow your skin, hair and nails.

Two months before your big day

Book your wedding hair and make up trial sessions. You will need to try out a few different hair styles and make up looks to find the one you want, so give yourself a few weeks before your big day to try out different looks and styles before settling on your favourite. Get your bridesmaids involved and ask their opinions too. You and your closest girlfriends can have so much fun with this!

The day before your wedding

Have your nails done last. Getting your nails shaped and painted too soon may put them at risk of damage through chips and breakages, so the best thing to do here is to have them done the day before your wedding. This will be one less thing to worry about on your big day.

Your big day is here! Relax, enjoy your day and have a lovely time as a beautiful and radiant bride!