Choosing The Right Wedding Photographer

When you are thinking about booking a wedding photographer for your big day, try not to leave it any later than around eight months before your wedding. Good photographers get snapped up quickly, so leaving it too close to your wedding day may be leaving it too late to secure a high-quality photographer with a good reputation.

You may already be organising the fine details about your wedding dress, the suits for the guys, your flower arrangements, the wedding cake, and the band to play at your reception, but what of your wedding photographer? Have you taken the trouble to find someone that will leave you with a permanent set of everlasting memories of your special day?

Why It is important to choose well

Your wedding photographer has a big role to play and quite a substantial duty within your plans. Your photographs should be an everlasting memory of your special day, a beautiful, timeless account of the events as they unfolded on one of the most important days of your life.

Choosing a photographer should never be an afterthought. You may have the most beautiful wedding gown in the world, and the most spectacular array of flower arrangements lining the isle, but if your photographer doesn’t posses the skill and experience needed to perfectly capture the look and feel of your event, then how can you look back and relive the romance and beauty of the day through a set of flat and colourless images.

Top Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Never book the first photographer that you come across in the small ads or Yellow Pages. Choose a few local photographers that know your area well, and have experience in shooting weddings. Look at their website and see if there are examples of weddings on display. Check the customer testimonials, especially those relating to weddings to see how good the feedback is.

Once you have narrowed down your search to two or three you really like, book an appointment to look through the photographer’s portfolio to check the quality of their work first hand. The portfolio should really capture your attention and make you want to carry on leafing through the pages.

The shots taken should really speak to you – do they capture the personalities of the bride and groom, and do they reflect the feeling of happiness and fun happening on the day.

A good photographer will be able to offer you different styles of photography to suit your taste. Discuss your requirements with them and be clear about the style of shots you are after. If you want more subtle and natural shots where people are not posing directly for the camera, then make sure the photographer understands this and can provide you with some examples of work to reflect that style.

Familiarise yourself with the editing techniques used by each photographer. Each may use different methods, and this can have a big impact on your finished images. A portfolio with a lot of heavy editing could be a sign of poor quality photography, and an attempt to cover it up.

Choose a photographer with a good personality. You want to feel relaxed and comfortable about having your photographer around you on your big day, so it is very important that you get on well with them, and their personality does not clash with yours.

You will also need your photographer to be friendly and at ease with your guests if you are going to get those natural shots you want for your album. If your photographer is one for bullying your guests into unnatural and forced poses for the camera, this is going to be reflected in your pictures. A true smile is impossible to fake, so you want your photographer to be as amiable as possible.