Get Shopping And Choose Your Perfect Wedding Dress!

It is usually around ten months before your big day when you start to get a little flutter of panic and anticipation about the task of choosing your perfect wedding dress. There is excitement at the thought of course, after all, what bride-to-be wouldn’t get excited at the prospect of leafing through pages of bridal magazines and scouring the internet in search of ‘that dress’?

But there are a ludicrous number of designers out there all releasing beautifully crafted gowns to grab your attention. It can takes many day of careful and dedicated trawling of boutiques, and sometimes it can help to see wedding dresses in the light of day because what may look good on the internet can lose it’s lustre in real life.

It does pay to do your research though, and if you can spend some time narrowing down your choice of design and style of the dress you like, then it can make things a lot easier before you even set foot in a bridal boutique.

So, you have to decide first of all whether you fall into the ‘meringue’ category of dress, or ‘hell-no-meringue’ camp. Remember that you are dressing to please yourself on your big day, and not to suit what other people expect of you. Just because your mum or sister got married in a meringue, does not mean you have to also. The same goes for the opposite. If your dream wedding has always involved walking down the isle in the most romantic of Princess dresses on earth with acres of satin and lace, then don’t let anyone stop you from fulfilling your dreams.

Many brides-to-be may already have an idea in mind about what sort of dress they would like, but it is always worth considering other styles of gown too. You may surprise yourself completely by trying on that ‘wild-card’ dress that you initially thought was too ‘out-there’ for your style, and find that it actually suits you perfectly.

It always helps to take someone along with you when you are trying on wedding dresses, but make sure the person or people you take with you truly know your individual style and taste. They can be completely honest with you, and if they think you look ridiculous in a dress – they will tell you!

Never play it safe! I know that is a bold statement to make, but do you really want your special day to have the edge taken off it because you plumped for a dress that you think is just OK? Think about how your dress will look in your wedding photographs and on your wedding video. If it doesn’t have that wow-factor in your eyes, how is it going to come across to others on your wedding day? This is the ONE time that you can really feel confident about going all out to find your perfect dress. Make the most of it!

Another good bit of advice for you – remember who you are getting married to. Your future spouse loves you for who you are, and no amount of drastic crash-dieting or denial is going to make them love you any more than they already do. Get the dress to fit YOU, never get a size too small and try to fit into the dress.

There is no sense paying out on expensive alterations at the last minute if it can be helped. You can expect to have two or three fittings for a made to measure dress, or to have an ‘off the peg’ dress altered to fit you. Why pay more to have your dress altered over again, and feel completely miserable on the run up to your wedding because you are existing on twiglets and water?

The weeks building up to your wedding day should be filled with fun, anticipation and excitement. Choosing your perfect wedding dress is a major part of that enjoyment, so take some time to really enjoy the process.