How To Choose The Right Wedding Entertainment

We have all been to weddings where the entertainment was very memorable, but not always for the best of reasons. Sometimes we have been to weddings where you hardly noticed the entertainment or it had very little impact on you. We can all agree that it can be hard to choose the right wedding entertainment, so how can we make the choice easier?

Consider your venue

One of the most important aspects of choosing your wedding entertainment is your venue. If you are hiring a large hotel ballroom or plan an outdoor marquee of some size to hold your reception, then hiring your favourite live band may fit the bill very well. However, trying to cram 50 plus guests as well as your chosen live band, plus equipment, into a smaller room or village hall may be a bit too overwhelming for your guests to handle.

It can help to see your chosen venue in action. Ask the venue manager if you can come along when a reception is happening so that you can get an idea of the space and feel of the place. It may be a room with great acoustics that would suit a disco or live band, or it may be better suited to more low-key entertainment with quiet areas where people can sit and talk in comfort.

Do you plan for some dancing? If so, does the room have a dance floor or a suitable area where people can dance without the risk of tripping on furniture or of being in the way of the bar area or toilets. Are there quiet areas with comfortable seating appropriate for the older members of your family who may want to sit further away from the action.

Entertainment for Small Weddings

Lots of people today are choosing to have smaller and more intimate weddings. This means that there will be no need to hire an enormous venue for your wedding reception. Choosing entertainment that is not too overpowering for your guests is the best idea to go with here. Again, if you want to lay on a disco, then the venue will need to have a dance floor that can accommodate enough people without being too cramped or too large. A room with a large dance floor and tables clinging to the walls around the edge can often feel quite intimidating for guests. It can also look too large, even when all your guests may be dancing on it! So check in advance with the venue manager and make up a sensible plan for placing tables and chairs around the room that allow plenty of room for people to chat, but also to have a decent space to get up and dance.

Background music

Weddings can be very long affairs, so if you plan to celebrate for the whole day and into the evening, then you will need to keep your guests entertained with different things. You could have a jazz band or someone playing a piano in the background. This can create a lovely relaxed atmosphere and encourage people to socialise and chat together.

Another idea is to have a solo singer who can freely move around the room and serenade your guests with some classic favourite songs that everyone knows. Whatever you choose, it should be low-key enough that it doesn’t interfere with guests socialising with each other, but just be loud enough for your guests to appreciate and listen to in comfort.