Top Tips to Improve the Longevity of your Wedding Flowers

With all of the months of meticulous planning that has gone into your wedding day, the last thing you want if for anything to go wrong with your plans. While you have been so busy with the finer details of booking your wedding cars, ordering your rings and composing your wedding vows, spare a thought for your wedding flowers!

You may have picked your wedding flowers wisely and they are a mix of beautiful and seasonal blooms that fit perfectly with your wedding theme and colour scheme. However, once the florist has delivered your flowers, there may be quite some time until they can be admired by all of your guests.

You may think that your wedding blooms are fairly robust and will not need any attention while you focus on your other preparations. But what if they are placed somewhere that will be bathed in hot sunlight for hours? What if they are stored in a busy hallway or by a busy door where they may get knocked about and damaged while waiting to be used?

Handling freshly cut wedding flowers does take a certain element of care. Your florist may only be responsible for the preparation and delivery of your flowers. What happens to them once delivered will be your responsibility, so you had better plan carefully if you want your flowers to remain fresh and beautiful for when they are needed. This especially applies to any floral table decorations that are due to decorate the wedding reception. It may be that they won’t be seen by you or your guests until well into the evening, but if they have been in place since early morning, then they will probably be wilted and half-dead before your wedding party arrives.

Save your blooms from flower-heaven

Let’s look at some top tips for ensuring your wedding flowers perform on your big day:

  • Choosing your flowers : Follow the advice of your florist about choosing the right blooms for your chosen setting. You may want to buy colourful flowers in full bloom but your florist may suggest buying those still in bud or just emerging. This will mean your flowers will open and bloom on your big day instead of drooping and withering.
  • Check the stems : Make sure the stems are not bruised, fractured or discoloured and weak.
  • Check the foliage : Check to see that the foliage isn’t wilted, broken or showing signs of mould or fungus spots. Look for signs of yellowing that means it isn’t freshly cut.
  • Sniff test : If you are buying scented flowers, perform a sniff-test to make sure the blooms give off a strong scent.
  • Water supply : Your florist should deliver your flowers with a water reserve of some sort. Flowers that are going to vases for table decorations must be put in clean vases. Add 4 tablespoons of sugar to each gallon of water used for your flowers. This will provide a source of glucose to keep your flowers fed and alive. Use room temperature water in flower vases – the deeper the water the better.
  • Vase height : Flowers used for wedding displays that use vases should be one and a half times the height of the vase. This helps to avoid drooping when handling long stem flowers.
  • Stem care : Cut stems at an obtuse angle to give maximum exposure to the water they will sit in. This will allow them to absorb as much water as possible and will keep your blooms hydrated for longer.

Once your wedding day is over, if you have taken steps to keep your wedding flowers healthy, you can expect most of them to last for anything from 7 to 10 days in most cases. This means you can continue to enjoy them for a long time after your wedding day.