Why Wedding Stationery Is So Important

From wedding invitations, RSVP s, menus, wedding programmes, place cards, table planners, favour tags, thank you inserts – let’s face it, it can all become a little overwhelming sometimes when planning your stationery for your special day.

Before you completely blow your budget on your wedding stationery, lets take a closer look at what is really needed, and what may be an option that you can do without, but would add that extra bit of class and finesse to your proceedings.

Wedding Invitations and RSVP s

Classed as essential when you want to officially invite guests to your wedding, and be able to cater for them at your reception. The RSVP is your confirmation of acceptance from your guest that they will be attending, and therefore you can rest assured they will be present – or not.

Wedding Programmes

Wedding programmes are probably more prolific in the USA than in the UK, and are more commonly known as ‘orders of service’ in the UK, but essentially they provide a list of the wedding party, the details of the ceremony, and can be an easy way to acknowledge your thanks to your guests for attending by including a thank you message in the text. The wedding programme does make a nice keepsake of the day, so it is one of the pieces of your wedding stationery that is worth having personally designed by a professional whenever possible.

Reception Menus

Menus can be optional, especially if you are providing a finger buffet for the evening reception where there will be something suitable for every taste and food preference. For more formal receptions where you will want to offer a sit down meal choice to your guests, you could send out printed menus that have a selection of dishes to choose from. To save money, you could include the menu choices on your wedding invitation RSVP so that when a guest accepts your invitation, they can also indicate their chosen dishes from the choice you included.

Place Cards

Unless your choice is to have a small and informal reception, then place cards will be essential for when you are planning your seating arrangements. You can choose to have single place cards that are placed individually at each place setting at the table, which are a good idea if you want your table to be arranged ‘boy-girl’ style, or you want particular people to sit next to each other. Or you could go for one single ‘table list’ style place card, where you have one large card that displays all the names of the people that will be seated at that table. This means that you could put a group of friends on the table together who all know each other, and it doesn’t really matter who sits beside who. Place cards can be pretty time-consuming to make yourself, so it is often worth having these professionally made for you when you are throwing a big reception.

Wedding Favour Tags

These can be optional depending on whether you plan to give wedding favours in the first place, and whether you want to actually tag each individual favour rather than not. Favour tags usually match with the wedding stationery, and you can add a little thank you message to the tags as a nice way to thank your guests for attending. Depending on the size of the tag and the favour given, you can include the bride and groom’s name and wedding date. The tags are usually hole-punched and tied onto the favour bag or box with ribbon.

Hopefully we have given you a bit of a round-up of what sort of wedding stationery you may want to have to mark your special day. DIY stationery is a wonderful idea, but before you jump in head-first into designing and creating your own, think about the time commitment needed. Are there bits and pieces of stationery that you can have professionally prepared for you to save your time and sanity?